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Writing is a developmental process which begins at home when children start to scribble, make attempts to form letters, and begin to draw pictures.  Children should be encouraged to experiment with their writing.  Parents help their children best by accepting and praising all of the efforts and products that their children create.  

Kindergarten students often start off the year by creating a message with a picture and some letters or letter strings.  As more learning takes place, students understand that words consist of letters, and words are what we read.  Although pictures never cease to be important, the meaning of the message is conveyed mostly by writing words.  When students write they learn how to record sounds that they hear in words.  It is not important for students to assign a letter for each and every sound, as children progress, their writing will become more accurate.  To aid the writing process, the use of a word wall is encouraged.  A word wall is a wall that has common sight words listed in alphabetical order.   Simple Kindergarten dictionaries are also available for students to use in the classroom.  

In Kindergarten the students will be involved in many forms of writing.  We will write letters and stories
together as a group,have opportunities for individual writing and sharing, and participate or view writing as it relates to the content areas.  

Looking at our current ELT's (essential learning targets) 
By the end of Kindergarten, children should be able to: 
​ Be skilled at capitalizing the first word in a sentence and the word I. 

Understand that writers use ending punctuation for a specific purpose. 

Understand that words have letter patterns (VC, CVC) that are connected to sounds. 

Be skilled at writing Rebecca Sitton Kindergarten No Excuse Words (1-15) (Spelling) 

Be in the Words Their Way Spelling Stage – Middle Letter Name - Alphabetic  

Be skilled at stating, drawing, or dictating an opinion 

Be skilled at drawing, dictating, and writing from personal experience

Be skilled at drawing, dictating, and writing to narrate a single event