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Volunteer Tips
Welcome to the world of volunteering!  I am so glad that you have decided to help out in the classroom.  Your child will be happy to see you and I will be happy to have some extra help!  Below are just a few tips that might answer some of your questions and give you an idea about your responsibilities.  Before you volunteer, you must go through the volunteer training which is offered at the school.  Also, anyone who goes on a field trip must have a background check.  

1.  Please remember to sign in at the office before you go to the classroom.  At that time you will also receive a volunteer name tag or sticker.  When you leave the building, remember to sign out.

2.  If possible, please let me know ahead of time if you aren’t able to help out at your scheduled time.  This way I can plan for your absence.  Of course, if your child is sick, I’ll know that you are not coming in.  

3.  Young learners are wonderful to work with!  They are enthusiastic and busy!  If the group you are working with seem a little too loud, just remind them to use inside voices.  If a child seems unfocused, try to help the child get back on task by using a quiet but firm voice.  You might need to restate directions for a little one.  Remember the children are young and still learning how to be good listeners.  If any child seems too difficult, or unfocused, please let me know.  I will help the child get back on task.  

4.  Please remember that each child in the classroom is unique.  Their rate of learning, behavior, and social skills vary.  The goal for each child is for him or her to continue to make progress, no matter where they might be developmentally.  Occasionally a child might act out, or have a bad day. Or perhaps you notice that a child is having trouble learning a concept, or learning how to read.  These are things that you may talk about with me, but please do not share your observations with other parents.  

5.  Volunteering is exciting!  You might teach the children how to play a literacy game, read to students, supervise a center, or help out at recess.  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, but I promise you I won’t give you anything too tricky.

6.  Have fun and enjoy the time you spend with the children.  Volunteering in a primary classroom has many special rewards.    

Thank you for volunteering!  Your help is greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions, just ask.  See you soon!  

Thanks again, 
Denise LaRose