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               Kindergarten Themes 
  The Kindergarten program is based on current research, The Common Core,  and The State Learning Results.   Below is a list of some of the major themes, or units, that I teach throughout the year.  These themes teach important concepts and are integrated across the curriculum.  

First trimester
All About Me
Fire Safety
Day and Night
Thanksgiving / Pilgrims

Second Trimester 
Gingerbread Man
Fairy Tales
100th Day

Third Trimester
Healthy Me
Living creatures
Ocean life

The internet has become very useful for educators searching for ideas and activities to use when teaching themes.  Below are a few links that relate to each theme.  

All About Me 
All About Me 2 

Butterflies 1
Butterflies 2
Butterflies 3
CJ's Butterfly Page 
Bella's Butterflies 
Jan's Wildlife Habitats 

Fall / Trees 1
Fall / Trees 2
Fall / Trees 3
Fall / Trees 4

Fire Safety 1
Fire Safety 2

Day and Night 1
Day and Night 2

Thanksgiving / Pilgrims 1
Thanksgiving / Pilgrims 2

Gingerbread Man 1
Gingerbread Man 2
Gingerbread Man 3

Fairy Tales 

100th Day 1
100th Day 2

Winter 1
Winter 2
Winter 3
Winter 4

Teeth 1
Teeth 2

Healthy Me 1
Healthy Me 2   

Spring 1
Spring 2
Spring 3
Spring 4