Here are some great sites for Kindergarten and first grade students!  The sites provide opportunities for literacy or math learning and practice.  There are even games that focus on the content areas!  I have placed the links into categories, not grade levels.  These sites are suitable for the classroom or home. For quick reference, children may click on the pictures below for some of their favorite game sites.  Please remember to always supervise children on the internet.         Have fun!  ~ Denise LaRose  

Letter Identification / Letter Sound Associations                                                                       

   Gus and Inky

   Letter Blends

   ABC match up

  Sesame Street

​  Tugboat Alphabet 
​  Beginning Sounds 

 Paint by Letter 

Spelling / Words / Sentences 


   Word Find

   Spelling Match

    Roy the Zebra Games

Word  Hunt 

  Dinosaur  Eggs

  Picture Match

    Sight Words 
​  FingerSpell 

    Turtle Diary Literacy 

Stories / Interactive Stories

    Kindergarten Stories 

  Toon Book Reader 

Ready to Read Stories

Numbers / Counting 

  Fishy Count

  Seahorse Count

  Caterpillar Slider

  Place Value Cards

  Number Pyramid



  K Math Games 


Money / Time ,/ Fractions / Volume/ Measurement

Comparing Money

  Counting Money

  Stop the Clock 1

  Stop the Clock 2

Shapes / Sorting / Classifying / Patterns

    Math Lingo Shapes

      ROBO Packer


  Science Stuff 

Solid, Liquid Gas Song 

Harry K - Matter Song 

Health / Nutrition / Social Studies 

Lunch O Matic

Food Pyramid Match Up 

Contact Me
Online Games
Volunteer Tips
K  Word List
K  Reading 
K  Science
K  Math
K  Writing
Read Alouds
K  Themes
 Book Activities 

Letters And Sounds


Phonics Song 

Chicken Coup

Garfield Fishing 

Bear's Skateboard Park

Letter Dance Party

Paint by letter


Radio Martha
Clifford - Leaf of Absence

Clifford - The Runaway Rabbit

Clifford - Tummy Trouble

Clifford - Emily Elizabeth Goes To School

Clifford - "Here Clifford"

Clifford - Clifford's Big Day

Clifford - Where is Emily? 

SmartyGames Stories 


Story Pals



​Nook Youtube 

Number Square

Missing Number Fairy

Counting Tens & Ones

Forest Ordering

Mail Delivery

Math K-2

Juggling George 

Caterpillar Count

Greater or Less

Balloon Count

Addition Hidden Picture

Busy Bees 

Save the Whale

Math Lingo

Bug Shoes 

Tic Tac Toe Math 

Turtle Diary Math 

 1st Grade Math Games 
 Put It On The Shelf

Matching Shapes

Food Puzzle

Pattern Mania 

Carve a Pumpkin


Shapes and Colors Train

Shape Sorter

Shape Lab

Sand Castle Shapes 

Secret Code


Load  the Truck
Trees 1

Trees 2 

Zoo Games 

BBC Science Clips

Matter video

Farm Stand Money

Clock Numbers

How Tall? 

Measuring up

Clock Talk

Telling Time 2 

Cross the River - Fractions

Igloo Shopping 

Telling Time 

StudyJam Fractions 

Subtraction Song


Addition Song

Addition Hidden Picture 2 

Space Shuttle Math

Apples Math 

Flight For Fuel

Find the Mummy

Harder Find the Mummy

Rock Hopper

Math Facts 
Take It Away

Math Stories

Test the Toad


Robot Calculator

Soccer Subtraction

Soccer 10 Less

Octopus 10 More

Add 9 Fairy

Addition Baseball

Math Arcade 

Easy Addition

Base 10

Shark Bubble Counting

Dinosaur Place Value

Lifeguard Place Value


Talking Calculator

Adventure Sequences


Dive for Treasure 

Counting Shoes 

Counting Objects 

Word and Picture Match 1 

Word and Picture Match 2

I Can Read

Dog's Letter Pit

Spelling/ Vocabulary

Word Machine 

Simple Sentences 

Cloudy Day Word Play 

Missed Letters 


Clifford's Make A Word 

Wild Word Round Up

Word World 

Super Hero 

Spelling Fleas

Sight Word Memory

Make a Match

Word Reader 

Word Shuffle 

Puzzle Words 
         Online Games
Literacy Center
Fire Safety 

Earth Day 

Matter - ABCya

StudyJams Matter

Matter Song 

Food Mix Up 
Postcards From Buster

Body Works 

Food Detective 

Clifford's Letter Match

Clifford's Sound Match

Super reader 

Kinder Site 

Alphabet Goop

PBS Alpha Bricks 


First grade 
First Grade