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FYI contains information that might be of interest to you.  There are many topics that are addressed, hopefully some of your questions about kindergarten will be answered here.  Please feel free to email me as things come up.

Kindergarten children do not have to do any homework.  I’m sure that you already read to your child, research has shown that this is a wise practice.  Kids who are read to on a regular basis usually learn how to read more quickly than children who are not read to.  So even though there isn’t any homework, your child can still be involved in fun literacy activities at home!

On birthdays I give each child a pencil and a gently used book.  And of course we sing to the birthday child!   Summer birthdays are recognized at the end of the school year.  Please do not send in any birthday treats for the class to celebrate your child's birthday.   Please don’t ask me to pass out party invitations unless each student is invited.  I do not want anyone’s feelings hurt.  Thanks for your understanding in this.  

You are welcome and needed to volunteer in the classroom!  If you have the time and desire to volunteer, please speak with me.  I usually have a parent help out each day during literacy centers.  I would also welcome volunteers in the afternoon during choice time.   It is very helpful when parents are able to make a consistent commitment when volunteering.  But I know how busy you all are!  So look at your schedules and think about what is best for you!  Volunteering is fun and gives you a chance to see what your child is doing in school.  I hope you will consider helping out!  All volunteers must have the volunteer training which is offered by the school before they are allowed to volunteer. Also, if you are interested in going on a field trip, you must pass a background check. 

Star Student
Star student is a time to celebrate all the unique qualities that makes each child special. Please create a poster or booklet that tells about your child. The class will also ask the star questions about his/her favorites.  I will share those favorites in my newsletter. When the special week comes, you may visit the class and help your child share the poster, or I will be happy to do that for you.    If you would like to do something extra, you or a relative could come to school and read to the class.   The children all look forward to being the star student!

Buddy Bear
Buddy Bear is a little stuffed bear that will go home with each student, one week at a time.  Buddy comes along with a couple of books from the classroom, and a journal for you to write in. The books are selected by your child as ones that he or she would like you to read to them.  The journal is just a notebook that you and your child can write in.  I will read to the class what you have written in the notebook.  Often parents write about the places and/or fun things Buddy did with their child.  Your child can also write a page in the book and draw a picture.  The reading and writing experience is very educational and fun for the children.  I hope you have a good time with Buddy!

Mystery Box
On a rotating basis, the mystery box will go home with each student.  The mystery box is a way to help children make the connection between letters and the sounds that they make.  The child puts an object in the box, tells the class what letter it starts with, and the class guesses what the object is.   The box should return to school daily, so that each child will be able to get many turns.  It is a good idea and lots of fun to help your child with this activity.

Classroom Books
Throughout the year I will be taking pictures of the children.  I make classroom books with these pictures.  Like the mystery box, these books will go home with the students for one night at a time.  It is a wonderful literacy experience to read the book with your child.  At the end of the year each child will get a book or poster of the pictures.  So please handle the books gently when they come home.

Bringing Toys to School
A few children like to bring toys to school.   In the past toys have been lost or broken, it is because of this that toys are not allowed to be brought to school.  We have plenty of toys that your child will be able to play with at choice time.  Thanks for your understanding and help with this.   

The first few weeks of school will be spent on building a safe and respectful environment. To help prevent problems before they arise, we will start off the year learning how to act in a group, knowing the difference between good and bad choices, and understanding the consequences of those choices. As a group we will learn these rules of the classroom: 1. BE SAFE.     2. BE KIND.         3. DO YOUR BEST    If for some reason, a child breaks a rule, pre-established consequences will take place.  These consequences range from taking a time out, losing a privilege, calling you, or notifying the principal.   All consequences will be carried out in a caring but no nonsense manner.  
At Brown School we take pride in saying "YES"!  This means taking care of yourselfeach other and our school.