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This is a web site that contains information regarding Kindergarten and fun ways to help young students learn to read.  Although I have taught various grade levels, my favorite is Kindergarten!  I hope this site will be helpful to teachers, students, and parents of children entering Kindergarten.   The online game page is suitable for both Kindergarten and first grade students.  Some links are more appropriate than others depending upon the level of the student.  At this age, the academic needs of children can grow and change tremendously over a short period of time.  I think the online game page will satisfy the the learning levels of beginning Kindergarten students to high achieving first graders.  I'm sure that by exploring the various links, children will come up with their favorites.          

A few years ago I wrote a book containing fifty literacy games, I called this book "Zoom!"  In early 2007 Zoom! was released by Shell Educational Publishing under a new name - Reading Activities and Games for Early Learners. A math companion book, titled Math Activities and Games for Early Learners is also available.   I wrote both books with Kindergarten in mind, but I know they will will useful for preschool and first grade.  I hope you have a chance to check them out!   I'm very excited that my third book, Circle Time Literacy - Fun in a Flash!, (published by Teacher Created Resources) is now available!. This book is suited for Kindergarten. It contains fun literacy whole group activities, activities that I have done in my own classroom.  I know children will not only enjoy them, but learn from them too!   

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